Libretro 现代化的复古游戏平台





name authors status technology, goals
bsnes-qt unknown (Themaister?) abandoned or canceled based on bsnes v072, used libsnes
SSNES Themaister, Squarepusher renamed, now RetroArch used libsnes
lsnes Ilari, from TASVideos released, active? started as libsnes, unknown if it got upgraded
LMSW Alcaro released, abandoned plugin for a level editor
RetroArch Squarepusher aka Twinaphex, Themaister released, active most fully featured, main driver for libretro expansions, most supported platforms, focused on HTPC-style setups
XBMC / RetroPlayer garbear, others beta, active built inside a video player (but ffmpeg is a video player in libretro, so it’s fair)
ZMZ Alcaro released, abandoned based on ZSNES’ GUI
minir Alcaro no recent news win32/gtk3/other?, focused on WIMP setups
nameless mudlord canceled WTL, statically linked core
nameless 4chan no recent news, nor any news at all unknown
GNOME Games kekun, others? going fairly well gtk3 only
Arcan letoram no recent news seems to be an entire window manager
Phoenix Druage, athairus, others active Qt5, was previously a RetroArch launcher named Pantheon
AnarchyArcade SM_Sith_Lord on Steam Focused on virtual reality setups
NanoArch heuripedes aka enygmata finished? extremely minimalist, intended to show how libretro works
nameless Leiradel ? written in Lua
EmuVR website lags too much for me to figure that out ? another virtual reality setup, probably
New Retro Arcade Digital Cyber Cherries released virtual reality again (doesn’t acknowledge libretro, and costs $30, so not recommended)