• M: Machine 表示一个内核线程
  • P: Processor 表示执行一个gofunc需要的资源
  • G: Goroutine 表示一个gofunc



type m struct {
g0 *g // goroutine with scheduling stack
morebuf gobuf // gobuf arg to morestack
divmod uint32 // div/mod denominator for arm - known to liblink

// Fields not known to debuggers.
procid uint64 // for debuggers, but offset not hard-coded
gsignal *g // signal-handling g
goSigStack gsignalStack // Go-allocated signal handling stack
sigmask sigset // storage for saved signal mask
tls [6]uintptr // thread-local storage (for x86 extern register)
mstartfn func()
curg *g // current running goroutine
caughtsig guintptr // goroutine running during fatal signal
p puintptr // attached p for executing go code (nil if not executing go code)
nextp puintptr
oldp puintptr // the p that was attached before executing a syscall
id int64
mallocing int32
throwing int32
preemptoff string // if != "", keep curg running on this m
locks int32
dying int32
profilehz int32
spinning bool // m is out of work and is actively looking for work
blocked bool // m is blocked on a note
newSigstack bool // minit on C thread called sigaltstack
printlock int8
incgo bool // m is executing a cgo call
freeWait uint32 // if == 0, safe to free g0 and delete m (atomic)
fastrand [2]uint32
needextram bool
traceback uint8
ncgocall uint64 // number of cgo calls in total
ncgo int32 // number of cgo calls currently in progress
cgoCallersUse uint32 // if non-zero, cgoCallers in use temporarily
cgoCallers *cgoCallers // cgo traceback if crashing in cgo call
park note
alllink *m // on allm
schedlink muintptr
lockedg guintptr
createstack [32]uintptr // stack that created this thread.
lockedExt uint32 // tracking for external LockOSThread
lockedInt uint32 // tracking for internal lockOSThread
nextwaitm muintptr // next m waiting for lock
waitunlockf func(*g, unsafe.Pointer) bool
waitlock unsafe.Pointer
waittraceev byte
waittraceskip int
startingtrace bool
syscalltick uint32
freelink *m // on sched.freem

// these are here because they are too large to be on the stack
// of low-level NOSPLIT functions.
libcall libcall
libcallpc uintptr // for cpu profiler
libcallsp uintptr
libcallg guintptr
syscall libcall // stores syscall parameters on windows

vdsoSP uintptr // SP for traceback while in VDSO call (0 if not in call)
vdsoPC uintptr // PC for traceback while in VDSO call

// preemptGen counts the number of completed preemption
// signals. This is used to detect when a preemption is
// requested, but fails. Accessed atomically.
preemptGen uint32

// Whether this is a pending preemption signal on this M.
// Accessed atomically.
signalPending uint32



// Up to 10 locks held by this m, maintained by the lock ranking code.
locksHeldLen int
locksHeld [10]heldLockInfo